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APA is a Tennessee based provider of security consulting and guard services. We currently operate out of our headquarters in Nashville, TN. APA is a growing company whose principles and operators bring a combined 35+ years of law enforcement, military service and private sector program management experience. APA is a leading provider of professional security services in Nashville, TN. We provide our clients with the best options to protect their assets, with a range of security solutions that are affordable and effective to mitigate potential risk.


  APA  specializes in creating countermeasures to reduce potential risk by identifying threats and vulnerabilities. Our security consultants generate personalized security programs and plans, customized and tailored to your organization’s security needs.  APA is a licensed Security Consulting Agency, and Security Academy in the State of Tennessee. Our client base includes churches, retail, medical facilities and private organizations. We lead from the front, and we are committed to providing our family of clients superior, yet affordable quality security and support services. We look forward to helping you assess your security requirements and finding the solutions that best fit your security needs. 


One of the unique capabilities that we have is the proven ability to rapidly staff security personnel for projects of all sizes and scope. Our training facility, Absolute Protection Academy, is recognized by the state of Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance. Our academy is one of our many avenues that provides us with a steady flow of qualified, disciplined, candidates that we prepare for careers in the private security sector. Many of these students that go thru our training academy are veterans, previous law enforcement or highly trained security professionals. APA has the reach of a large-scale organization, with the flexibility and customer service attributes of a small business.

services we provide

Armed / Unarmed Guard Service

Security Guard

Security guards are carefully chosen based on their experience, aptitude, skill, professionalism and mannerisms. They are an elite group, comprised predominantly of law enforcement professionals and military veterans. Our in-house professional training program covers all of the areas required by state law. Additional our subject areas ensure that our highly trained staff can provide the safety and security you want for those who depend on you. All APA officers are licensed and undergo complete background checks, including any criminal record and fingerprints. Our unarmed and armed security guards are trained to work with the latest in security technology to make sure that your facility is receiving the service it needs at a budget-friendly cost. 

Executive Protection

Executive Protection Officer

 APA is a premier provider of Personal Protection Services, with operators that have worked both domestic and internationally. Personal Protection goes under many names: Executive Protection, Bodyguards, Protection Agents, Close Protection Officer, and more. They all have one purpose – to mitigate risk to known, or unknown, advisories. That is precisely what we do at APA. 

Special Event Staffing

Special Event security

We understand that special event security needs to be thorough without being overwhelming. In planning for your special event security, our consultants review the logistics of the venue, the exposure to risk and a host of other factors in determining the ideal strategy for securing your event. We use a wide variety of security technologies along with our staff of highly trained professional security to ensure that your event goes smoothly. Our crowd control strategies utilize crowd profiling techniques in addition to access, surveillance and weapon detection technology. We provide an on-site security director to supervise all security operations on the day of your event, along with unarmed or armed guards, utilizing lethal or non-lethal weapons as required.

Threat / Risk Assessment

Threat assessment and risk assessment

  By finding your security threats and vulnerabilities, an APA Security specialist can help you prevent, plan for, respond to and mitigate today’s risks. Security choices you make right now can prepare your organization’s security for years to come. Our security consulting services allow you to feel more confident about the actions you take to protect your people, property, and goodwill. 

Security Consulting

Security consulting meeting

APA security consultants can help your organization create a secure environment through our security consulting services which include; risk and threat assessments, security surveys, security design, training, policy reviews, and security program development.

Emergency Action Plan

Emergency response plan of action

 Insurance companies today demand that businesses have a qualified written plan for dealing with emergencies and disasters. Don't just go online and download a template. APA has the qualified staff to guide any emergency action team in the process of creating the proper action plan manual. We are now offering Emergency Action Plan Writing. This plan outlines your company's preparedness measures and priority actions for managing emergencies, from small accidents to citywide disasters.

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